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So cold

“All the daylight’s fading, my hope is slippin’ away
Just wrap your arms around me, let me know I’m safe”
– Mickey Guyton. Safe.

I wish I could write

But I cannot. And it is killing me.



“Exit Wounds” – The Script

I know this is a bit… intense, but in my defense:

  1. I wanted to do the “mummy vector text” and “rusty text effect” tutorials for ages (learned lots of useful things)
  2. I watched a lot Supernatural recently
  3. I probably watched too much Supernatural recently
  4. Which explains how the angel managed to sneak into it.
  5. Also, it fits Castiel. In a weird sort of way. “Dead man walking” – also by The Script – fits even better, come to think of it.
  6. Have I mentioned I watched too much Supernatural lately?