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Down by the river.





The Lake

Autumn Flow

And that is the last one for today. Well, aside from a very special fun one, that I shot indoors.. .but it still has a tree and some magic in it.

A study in yellow

Went for another long walk today. Bit stormy outside, but still quite nice. Besides, I was refusing to stroll through the city today, because they are putting up the christmas lights everywhere. Hello? Last time I checked it was still autumn.

Autumn River

Went for a long walk today and I am exhausted now. It was a really nice autumn day and I caught lots of busy squirrels and other animals on camera, but this is my favorite image from today (and it does not feature any animal *lol’)

Autumn Glow

I was up bright and early yesterday morning and since the sun was shining, I ventured out to the park and caught this wonderful autumn glow.

Autumn memories

Another old image, but one of my absolute favorites. Shot on a very cold autumn morning in the local park.