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The Gate

Standing at the gate I wonder if anyone else noticed that these trees mark the entrance to another place.
Walking through the gate I wonder if the trees will someday let me pass into that other realm.
Looking back at the gate I wonder if I’ve read to much Tolkien, Mievielle and Gaiman.
And I laugh.
But somehow I wonder…


Dreaming of home

Old rhino in the zoo. And yes, that is a tear on its face. I wonder if it was dreaming of a home it never knew. Very old image, I rediscovered this week while looking for something else. Since it fits my mood right now perfectly, I thought I’d post it today.

The empty hut

And then sometimes you wonder into a patch of land that scares you. Without any reason. Without any warning. Things are suddenly… different. There’s no such things as complete silence, but this is close to it. Not a single bird is singing. The wind is there, but doesn’t stirr the leaves on the ground or in the trees. Things are just… different. And as you pass the empty hut you see the deeper shadows around it and you walk faster, just to get back into the sunlight and the noise of an ordinary summer’s day.

yellow snail

As the world turns

Nothing more to say to this one, other that it is one of my favorites from this week’s photos.

Darkness closing in on me

There’s nowhere to go but ahead.

Through the darkness.

Through the storm.

One step at a time.

One mile a day.

Hoping that somewhere behind the horizon

happiness will wait for me to catch up.