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angler fish
Mentalist Bday

Mentalist Birthday Card

for a very good friend 🙂


Happy Tree

For a friend on twitter because of… reasons

So cold

“All the daylight’s fading, my hope is slippin’ away
Just wrap your arms around me, let me know I’m safe”
– Mickey Guyton. Safe.

clouds illustrator

And this is what happens…

… when Sam suffers from headache from hell. Couldn’t write, think and function for days. No television, no reading, no listening to music. So I thought I’d try drawing again. Well, I still draw like a 5-year-old, but now at least I have a header-pic for the fan fiction thingy I am working on at the moment 🙂 Which I hope I can finish maybe today. Or at least next week. Have so much fun writing this, it’s ridiculous.