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little yellow snail

Hanging on

Took my new lens out for a little walk today. Unfortunately rain, rain and more rain. And dark skies, and absolutely not fun at all to be out and about. But I managed to capture at least one decent image.

Single Poppy


[onehalf]A single and lonely poppy in a very very small field. In fact only one meter by one meter, because this is just a tiny patch in the school garden in our local park.


Eine einsame Mohnblume in einem sehr sehr kleinen Feld. Ist eigentlich nicht mehr als ein Quadratmeter, denn das hier ist nur ein kleiner Fleck Feld im Schulgarten im Stadtpark.

summer meadow

A simple life

… and a simple shot. But I still love it. The light was so phantastic yesterday evening, I could not stop wandering around. Unfortunately I still don’t know my camera as well as I’d like to and so I messed up quite a few shots, but at least I instantly knew why (which is helpful *lol*). It was a great way to spend an evening.

little flower

Little Flower

Just a little flower. Nothing more. But nothing less either. Because that’s sometimes all that you need. Just a little flower.