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This is really old, I know and I posted it two years ago, but somehow I thought I’d repost it, because I forgot it was even there and I think it worth being looked at twice 😉


Beyond the walls

into another realm
into another world
where dragons sing
and wild rivers run
where mountains and
forests rise and
all is magic.

Sweet Shop London

Sweet colours

Somewhere around Covent Garden, well actually it’s 25 New Row. Lol. Was a quite dark morning when I hurried along towards Covent Garden and suddenly all this colour appeared and made me stop and take a picture. Well, three actually, since this is an HDR image. But you get the idea. I didn’t buy anything, though, thought if I took one step into the shop I’d never want to leave 😉

London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

Speaks for itself… 😉

London… again

Somewhere around Covent Garden. Nothing more to add right now. Just thought I’d upload a few more London-shots, because since I started the 365-project I’ve  really been neglecting the main gallery.

Old Train

Last journey

An abandoned train on a forgotten track. I wonder where its last journey took it…

Another Day Gone

This is what I see when I look out of my kitchen window. Another day is gone. And I am not sure if I like that thought…