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Merry Christmas
Birthday card

Birthday card

for my Mum 🙂

angler fish

Happy Tree

For a friend on twitter because of… reasons

Jisbon Wedding

Happy Ending

Now that all my friends have seen/heard about the finale, I think it’s safe to post this 🙂

Happy Halloween :-)

JisbonHalloweenTitleJisbonHalloween Title3

Three days of cursing and howling and banging my head on the table and I’m done 😉 Still cannot draw properly, but I really wanted to do this. So. Would have been easier and quicker to write a drabble or a one-shot about this scene. LOL.

Autumn Love

I’m done. I’m done!!! Took weeks, but I’m finally done.

High-Res-Version here

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

What it says above. Merry Christmas. (These are supposed to be Jane & Lisbon, I’m still not really good at drawing, but making this was fun).