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Azure Damselfly

And this is another pretty damselfly.


aww… young love 😉


Caught a dragonfly today. Four-spotted chaser. At least I think it is. But it is definitely a dragonfly. You can tell because when it sits down, it holds its wings open. Damselflies hold their wings closed, usually over the abdomen.


Wanted to shoot a cute bug on a white flower. Then suddenly a huge spider crawled into the frame and I screamed my head off. LOL.
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Upside down

Little moth, hiding under a leaf.

Look out!


Settling down

While in London, I couldn’t resist visiting the Sensational Butterflies Exhibition at the Natural History Museum. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was sooooo worth it. I’ve never seen so many beautiful creatures in my life. If by any chance you’ll go to London before September and have a spare hour. Go. See. It.


The Hopper II

Wanted to shoot landscapes yesterday, ended up with doing marco stuff instead. As always great fun and I found a very patient grasshopper who did not mind being photographed..


The Hopper

A grasshopper occupying a yellow flower and really not happy about the intrusion.