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And I see the light

I will remember this in the dark hours. Light. Trees. Forest. Life.


There is always hope. There is always light. There is always beauty. Sometimes it’s hard to see. But it’s there. Trust me on that

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Forest Light

Sam is a very happy bunny right now. Went to the forest yesterday and the light was phantastic. Managed to get a few very nice shots and cannot wait for the weekend to process and upload them. And to continue with “Northbound” which will finally turn into a “real” story.

Light Bulb


I want light! I want light! I want light! Lol. Seriously. It’s just too dark too soon. Plus, I am slightly annoyed with myself, because I am not really good at all those still-life-diy-photo-projects-for-rainy-days and way too impatient for precise masking and cloning in Photoshop *hidesundertable*. So now I will put the kettle on, because right now I am waiting for a friend to come round and laugh at my really pathetic still-life-attempts. Ah well, got one and a half weeks left to make at least some progress in this particular field of photography. 🙂