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Overprocessed, underexposed and all in all horrible, but … ahem… yeah.. I like it anyway. Bad taste. Sorry.

Westminster Bridge

Red Line

There is always a red line. Everywhere.

Big Ben

Big Gloom 2

Just because I feel like this today. Another gloomy shot of Big Ben.

Telephone Box


It’s a tourist thing you just cannot escape from. The red telephone box. I resisted the urge to photograph one for quite a while, but in my defence… the light was pretty nice.

National Gallery

Blue Hour over Trafalgar

And then you see it, rising behind St. Martin’s, looming over the National Gallery. And as you walk on you wonder if it really is only a cloud… or something more.

Sweet Shop London

Sweet colours

Somewhere around Covent Garden, well actually it’s 25 New Row. Lol. Was a quite dark morning when I hurried along towards Covent Garden and suddenly all this colour appeared and made me stop and take a picture. Well, three actually, since this is an HDR image. But you get the idea. I didn’t buy anything, though, thought if I took one step into the shop I’d never want to leave 😉

The Temperate House

The Temperate House

Finally had a minute to look at some of my London photos from earlier this month. This one from Kew Gardens again. A mighty storm is rising over the The “Temperate House”, which is the largest surviving Victorian glasshouse in the world. This is only the side entrance, but it’s an amazing building with lots of beautiful plants inside… uh, yeah… *sigh* and of course I post the “gloomy storm shot” instead of the “beautiful flower photos”. Typical. *rolls eyes at self*.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Sunset

Just what is says. Tower Bridge. Sunset. A perfect moment.

Tree of Life

One of the most awesome trees I’ve ever seen.
Kew Gardens.
Where else 😉

Natural History Museum

Natural History

Natural History Museum, London. Love this building and cannot get enough of it. This was the only time though that it wasn’t too crowded to shoot something like this. The light was streaming through the windows above and I was almost too stunned to take a photo.