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Back to my favourite forest. More photos tomorrow (hopefully).



And then you meet another scary creature in the woods.


Heart of the Forest

Another story that needs to be told one day. If only I had more time…


Dragon’s song

There is a *dragon* in my barbecue grill. Breathing fire. In my barbecue grill. Holy smokes.



Just another little path into another enchanted forest.

From ancient iron’s bite

I had a brother in the sea
the ocean claimed his soul.
He roamed the waters wild and free
but never he felt whole.
Read more…

Path of Light

Magic. Pure and simple. Taken on Tuesday. Today this was covered in 15 centimetres of snow. Also nice, but this is… magic 🙂

For the love of Camelot!

Very happy with this one 🙂 Very happy 🙂 Will add story later, but couldn’t wait posting it 😉

Northbound: Whispers

The image of the trapped sorcerer is still haunting you, when you actually do meet another Ent. “Are you sure you really want to go there?”, Read more…

Northbound: Trapped

You knew this wasn’t an Ent the moment you saw it. From the trunk of the tree the twisted face of the old sorcerer stares at your, screaming an endless Read more…