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From ancient iron’s bite

I had a brother in the sea
the ocean claimed his soul.
He roamed the waters wild and free
but never he felt whole.
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Northbound: Whispers

The image of the trapped sorcerer is still haunting you, when you actually do meet another Ent. “Are you sure you really want to go there?”, Read more…

Northbound: Trapped

You knew this wasn’t an Ent the moment you saw it. From the trunk of the tree the twisted face of the old sorcerer stares at your, screaming an endless Read more…


Northbound: Goblin Talk

You stumble and fall to the frozen forest floor. You close your eyes for just a second, knowing how dangerous that is, but too tired to care. Suddenly you hear laughter. “Fallen, are we?” Read more…


Northbound: Ancient One

The Ent tells you not to go further into the forest. Not in winter. “Come back in spring”, it whispers into the icy silence surrounding you both. Read more…


Northbound: The Knight

Through the wind and the storm you can hear the sound of hooves and the whispering of metal on metal. You stumble through the storm Read more…

White River

Northbound: At the white river

You stare down into the water. The white river. You’ve never gone this far north. You never wanted to. In fact you never wanted to go anywhere. But you did not have any choice. You look at white trees along the riverbank and sigh. North it is then.