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Dream a little dream

On Tuesday morning I woke with a sound that could only be described as a mixture between a donkey’s laugh and an elephant’s sneeze. It is in moments like this, that I am quite thankful to be single. The sound was the direct result of a dream I had, as was the rather comic movement that propelled me out of the bed and on the floor a second later. Read more…

The Night’s So Blue

Silent Witness + H/N, fluff, humour, romance + Rating: T + Disclaimer: Belongs all to the  BBC and not me + Summary: “You know you have to draw back soon, the unspoken rule between you dictating that a maximum of half a minute of physical contact may be permitted before things became… too much.”
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Perfect Endings

Cold droplets of water detach themselves from the ice-pack you keep pressed against your right cheekbone. The icy water slowly trickles down your face and for a brief moment you wonder if it will simply evaporate once it reaches your neck and therefore the rim of the hot-water Read more…

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Circle Me

You are tired. The kind of tired that makes your limbs uncomfortably numb and your head heavy. Part of you fears your neck will simply refuse to carry that extra weight and finally bend far enough to the left to dump and bump your head unceremoniously onto the desk.
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Reaching out

His breath is even and steady and every time he exhales, a small steamy patch appears on the inside of the window. On the outside rain is blurring the light from the street-lamp. It’s only a few steps away from the car and the only source of light nearby. The building beyond the car-park is hidden behind darkness and rain. Invisible. Out of reach. As if it didn’t exist at all.
Nikki, of course, knows it is there, the whole world is, but right now her whole universe is somehow contained within the confines of this car.
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