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Learning to Breathe

Show: Star Trek Voyager =/\= Pairing: Janeway/Chakotay =/\= Season: 6ish =/\= A/N: No idea where that came from. But then again, I never do. Oh and this doesn’t have its own header image yet, so using the one from the previous story. Disclaimer: Own nothing. Except for the typos. They are mine 😉
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Get well soon!

Okay, okay, this is a really silly doodle, but I drew this on the iPad in under 3 minutes so… I know, I know the nacelles are wrong, *might* clean this up in Illustrator when I get the chance, right now it’s really just meant to cheer up a very dear friend of mine who is ill and can’t view e-mail attachments on the phone. So. Hope this works 🙂

Edit: Did a bit of cleaning it up in Illustrator. Still really bad, but it’s the thought that counts.

To boldy go – part 2

I know, I know… I seriously have to stop buying silly  Star Trek merchandise, but this plushy Enterprise was just too cute to resist. Hope they do a Enterprise-D and a Voyager as well *grins*.

In darkness the stars shine brightest

Show: Star Trek Voyager =/\= Pairing: Janeway/Chakotay =/\= Rating: T =/\= Season: post-endgame =/\= A/N: So. I found my way back home to the stars. And if feels good. Except for the headache, that’s been tormenting me for days now and has taken hostage all the good words I was going to use. Anyway, wrote the first paragraph almost ten years ago. Bit scary that. LOL. This is so not good, because it is way too… much… but after ten years it deserves to be completed. Disclaimer: Own nothing. Except for the typos. They are mine. And mine alone. Good thing, that 😉
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And this is what happens…

… when Sam suffers from headache from hell. Couldn’t write, think and function for days. No television, no reading, no listening to music. So I thought I’d try drawing again. Well, I still draw like a 5-year-old, but now at least I have a header-pic for the fan fiction thingy I am working on at the moment 🙂 Which I hope I can finish maybe today. Or at least next week. Have so much fun writing this, it’s ridiculous.