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Good night forest

Sweet dreams, dear trees.



There’s this tiny balcony on top a house at the end of the street. I’ve lived here for years and always wondered if anyone ever goes there. And today, just when the sun was setting, I looked out of the window and saw this thought there was a woman in a long dress up there, looking at the sky…. and then I realised that this was actually a bloke standing in front of a broken deck chair and smoking a cigarette. LOL.

Path of Light

Magic. Pure and simple. Taken on Tuesday. Today this was covered in 15 centimetres of snow. Also nice, but this is… magic 🙂

Forest Light

Sam is a very happy bunny right now. Went to the forest yesterday and the light was phantastic. Managed to get a few very nice shots and cannot wait for the weekend to process and upload them. And to continue with “Northbound” which will finally turn into a “real” story.

Last Sunset

… of 2012. Okay, technically that was yesterday, but it’s the thought that counts 😉 Happy new year!

October Sunset

After a horrible horrible day, at least the sunset was nice.


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Sunset

Just what is says. Tower Bridge. Sunset. A perfect moment.

London sunset

Just another London sunset shot last December on my last wonderful trip to England. Funny, this year has gone by so fast that I didn’t get a single chance of escaping to London even for a short weekend. Ah well, maybe next year. Until then, I’ll keep this as my desktop background and think back on that wonderful evening.

Another Day Gone

This is what I see when I look out of my kitchen window. Another day is gone. And I am not sure if I like that thought…