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From ancient iron’s bite

I had a brother in the sea
the ocean claimed his soul.
He roamed the waters wild and free
but never he felt whole.
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Northbound: Whispers

The image of the trapped sorcerer is still haunting you, when you actually do meet another Ent. “Are you sure you really want to go there?”, Read more…

Northbound: Trapped

You knew this wasn’t an Ent the moment you saw it. From the trunk of the tree the twisted face of the old sorcerer stares at your, screaming an endless Read more…


Northbound: Ancient One

The Ent tells you not to go further into the forest. Not in winter. “Come back in spring”, it whispers into the icy silence surrounding you both. Read more…

The Guardian

I posted this on 500px, but I don’t think I uploaded it here yet. Fits quite well with the recent theme of “Fairy Land”, don’t you think?

The heart of a tree

Look closely and you can see it…

Roots go Deep

I have a lot of new photos of roots. And trees. And mushrooms. And ents. And fairies. And trolls. But I am rather ill, so for now here there is only this. Roots. And a bit of tree. Enjoy.

Tree of Life

One of the most awesome trees I’ve ever seen.
Kew Gardens.
Where else 😉

Autumn Glow

I was up bright and early yesterday morning and since the sun was shining, I ventured out to the park and caught this wonderful autumn glow.

The Gate

Standing at the gate I wonder if anyone else noticed that these trees mark the entrance to another place.
Walking through the gate I wonder if the trees will someday let me pass into that other realm.
Looking back at the gate I wonder if I’ve read to much Tolkien, Mievielle and Gaiman.
And I laugh.
But somehow I wonder…