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Northbound: The Knight

Through the wind and the storm you can hear the sound of hooves and the whispering of metal on metal. You stumble through the storm Read more…

White River

Northbound: At the white river

You stare down into the water. The white river. You’ve never gone this far north. You never wanted to. In fact you never wanted to go anywhere. But you did not have any choice. You look at white trees along the riverbank and sigh. North it is then.

snow mushroom

More snow

winter road

The long road to winter

Angel of Winter

Angel of Winter

And the angel of winter looked down on him, while the snow drifted past him in greeting and the icy wind invited him to dance. He lowered the hood of his coat and let snow and wind caress his face for a moment. No one else was here, all was white and cold and clear. He smiled up at the angel. “This is my time of year, my favorite season…”, he said and grinned. “…despite Christmas.” The angel said nothing, but then he did not expect it to. He just stood there for a minute before he moved on down the path leading to the street and a hot coffee. He was alone. He was lost. But at least he liked the weather…

White Weekend

Took a long walk today, but I am not really happy with results. I was so looking forward to this and now almost all photos are dull and boring. Somehow I feel my photography is getting worse and worse. Could have done a lot better. But at least I was out there for a while, fresh air was kind of nice. When I went out of the house the sky was clear and blue, but then a snow storm hit and so I got at least this shot of cute dog in the snow.

Snow Squirrel

Winter Squirrel

Squirrel looking for food on a snowy day in january.

polar bear

Wild Winter

Through the wild of winter a polar bear is looking into your soul… or probably just trying to figure out if you’d make a good meal.