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Dreaming of white



“In the end it was her choice. But every possible scenario he came up with ended with the same thing. A broken heart. Either his. Or Lisbon’s.” A romantic offer, jealousy, heartache, daydreams and in the middle of it all a crazy killer on the loose in an approaching snow-storm. What could possibly go wrong? Jisbon. Angsty fluffy multi-chapter 🙂 Spoilers for 6×15 & beyond.

Which is now complete and has over 56,000 words, please read on FF.Net


I wish I could write

But I cannot. And it is killing me.


One Day

A single drop of rain falls from the sky and hits the window above your head. You stare up at the tiny black cloud in the otherwise blue sky and you wonder, if it feels a bit awkward being up there with its white and fluffy cousins. Maybe this wasn’t a drop of rain. Maybe this was a little tear from a little lonely cloud. You smile up at it and give a little wave, letting it know that it does not need to feel alone. That everything will be okay soon.

“Just fly a little further and you will probably find a mighty storm or a couple of rain-clouds that will be very glad to see you.”

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And this is what happens…

… when Sam suffers from headache from hell. Couldn’t write, think and function for days. No television, no reading, no listening to music. So I thought I’d try drawing again. Well, I still draw like a 5-year-old, but now at least I have a header-pic for the fan fiction thingy I am working on at the moment 🙂 Which I hope I can finish maybe today. Or at least next week. Have so much fun writing this, it’s ridiculous.

white boots, blank pages

A white plastic bag crosses your path and you stop to let it pass. It tumbles down towards the other end of the platform, moving in erratic circles, but always avoiding falling down onto the tracks. You watch it and feel a bit guilty for not picking it up and dumping it into the nearest Read more…