Happy Towel Day


Good night forest

Sweet dreams, dear trees.

fav songs

4 favourite songs

Been tagged on twitter, 4 fav songs… my answer sort of escalated a bit… *lol*

Jisbon Wedding

Happy Ending

Now that all my friends have seen/heard about the finale, I think it’s safe to post this :-)


So cold

“All the daylight’s fading, my hope is slippin’ away
Just wrap your arms around me, let me know I’m safe”
– Mickey Guyton. Safe.

Heart of the forest

Heart of the forest

Second photo of 2015 😉


Finding peace

First photo of 2015 :)

Jisbon New year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
Bigger version here :)


Christmas of White

Snow. Silence. The first signs of dusk. Read more…