Dreaming of white



“In the end it was her choice. But every possible scenario he came up with ended with the same thing. A broken heart. Either his. Or Lisbon’s.” A romantic offer, jealousy, heartache, daydreams and in the middle of it all a crazy killer on the loose in an approaching snow-storm. What could possibly go wrong? Jisbon. Angsty fluffy multi-chapter :) Spoilers for 6×15 & beyond.

Which is now complete and has over 56,000 words, please read on FF.Net




Beautiful light in the forest today :)


Spring is here

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

What it says above. Merry Christmas. (These are supposed to be Jane & Lisbon, I’m still not really good at drawing, but making this was fun).


Come Wake Me Up

Show: The Mentalist; Pairing: Jisbon ;-) Rating: T Warning! Spoilers for 6×09!!!! A/N: A day after I swore never to write anything fan or fiction related ever again, my head decided it was a stupid decision and made me do this. Thanks, head. I, guess. Disclaimer: Own nothing. Except for the typos. They are mine. And mine alone. Good thing, that ;-)

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River Run

I was so happy when I saw how this one turned out. Not that it matters, with the exception of 2 friends, no one is going to look at it anyway. Ah well, ignore me, just one of those days when being invisible hurts.



And then I head deeper into the mist, branches clawing at my shirt and backpack. Awesome, the photos are going to be great! And suddenly a thought crosses my mind. “This feels like the first five minutes of Supernatural”. I stop. And blink. “Shit”, I whisper into the silence…


Ghosts of the Orchard

And I step into the orchard, following the whispers of of the wind. And suddenly, out there in the mist, I see them. Two figures hiding in the dusk. “Hello?” I call out, amazed at my own courage. I never thought that in a moment like this, anything other than a scream would leave my mouth. But then again, I never thought, I’d actually see real ghosts.

fog forest


Walking into the forest, into the fog, into great silence, I felt at peace. For half an hour on a dark November day, I was myself again. And even though I was the only person in that forest, for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel lost and alone. Even though I was.



There is always hope. There is always light. There is always beauty. Sometimes it’s hard to see. But it’s there. Trust me on that

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