Happy Halloween :-)

JisbonHalloweenTitleJisbonHalloween Title3

Three days of cursing and howling and banging my head on the table and I’m done ;-) Still cannot draw properly, but I really wanted to do this. So. Would have been easier and quicker to write a drabble or a one-shot about this scene. LOL.


Autumn Love

I’m done. I’m done!!! Took weeks, but I’m finally done.

High-Res-Version here

Darkness falling

Last Light

Catching the last light of the day.


Still here

Hello. I know it’s been a while, but I am still here. Just been busy with work mostly. But today I finally managed to go into the forest for an hour. Lots of good looking mushrooms around.

Two of a kind

Two of a kind

Just two lovely Small Whites.


Say it again

Since I never got around to write a tag, I’m working on a ”Blue Bird” inspired summer-header-thingy in Illustrator. Which is taking *forever*. Thought it was a good idea to do that intricate baloncy railing, but now I realise is a *pest* to shade and render properly *sighs*

Also: Jane and Lisbon are still missing, but that’s okay, they are probably still inside the hotel room and have better things to do than look at the moon (although that can be pretty romantic, too ;-)

Hope I get to finish this before it starts to snow again *lol*. If you want to see the whole thing, just click on the image below ;-)


Azure Damselfly

Azure Damselfly

And this is another pretty damselfly.

Young Love ;-)


aww… young love ;-)



Caught a dragonfly today. Four-spotted chaser. At least I think it is. But it is definitely a dragonfly. You can tell because when it sits down, it holds its wings open. Damselflies hold their wings closed, usually over the abdomen.

Hurry up

Walk like a lady

I just realised I’ve never uploaded my favourite bug photo! I took that during my 365-days-photo-project. I seriously need to upload a couple of more 365-photos. There were some great shots : )